Studio Tours

Wilkhahn International
Industry: Furniture
Studios 6 & 8

Tell us about your business: Wilkhahn is a 105 year old German manufacturer of the finest tables and seating for the workplace. Our focus is modern design, industry-leading innovations, and superior quality.

How long have you been a tenant at Tree Studios? Good question! I THINK we've been here since 2007 or 2008. We were previously in Suite 9 before moving into our larger two-suite space at Studio 6.

What's your favorite thing about officing at Tree? Wilkhahn is a unique company. Tree Studios is, by nature, a unique officing environment that fits well with our image. Our clients also love coming to our office instead of a traditional showroom! The friendly neighbors are a nice perk too; everyone looks out for each other at Tree.

What inspires you to be creative? Wilkhahn's creativity is sparked by the constant change in the way we work! And when you stand on the shoulders of some of the best office furniture designs in history, creativity is driven by the expectation of success.

Have you been to all of those places on the wall? Sadly, I've only been to London, New York and Bad Munder. London is my favorite: everyone seems to exude a polished style in the way they act and dress, and I love the city's vibrancy.

The And Group
Industry: Brand Strategy
Marian Williams Design
Industry: Design
Studio 3

Tell us about your business: Marian Williams Design is a branding and creative studio. The And Group is a brand strategy and leadership development consultancy.

How did you meet? We met while working at the same advertising agency and have been friends and colleagues ever since.

How long have you been a tenant at Tree Studios? We moved in 2011.

What's your favorite thing about officing at Tree? Tree is a great solution for a creative office. We love the natural light, high ceilings, beautiful courtyard and the location is killer!

What inspires you to be creative? A deadline.

We love all of the books. What are your favorites? Elegantissima by Louise Fili. Paperwork by Nancy Williams. Paul Rand by Steven Heller. Let Your Life Speak by Parker Palmer. The Seekers Guide by Elizabeth Lesser. One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way by Robert Mauer.

Kayhan International
Industry: Furniture
Studio 9

Tell us about your business: Kayhan specializes in adaptable design, contract furniture, installation, relocation and refurbishment of office furniture. We provide our domestic and international clients with interior furniture placement, office furnishings, installation and moving capabilities. Locally we focus on the corporate, education, municipal, and healthcare markets. Our goal is to be number one in customer service and the key to our success is our people. Every member of our organization strives to create an atmosphere where excellence in customer service prevails.

How long have you been a tenant at Tree Studios? Since 2011

What's your favorite thing about officing at Tree? Leaving the door open and having our neighbors pop in for a chat is one of our favorite things. That and the fireplace, of course!

What inspires you to be creative? The city is a constant source of inspiration. From the beauty of Lake Michigan and its constantly changing color, to the street art in the West Loop, there’s always something!

What's your favorite place in Chicago to find the perfect piece?
Of furniture? Haworth, of course! Of art? We love the work of Lorna Marsh. Stop in the studio to see some of her work! Of pie? Hoosier Mama, that’s who! Unless we’re talking pizza and that’s a whole other conversation.

The Ivy Room
Industry: Events
Studio 23

Tell us about your business: The Ivy Room is a newly renovated event venue in one of Chicago’s most historic landmarks. Located in the heart of River North, we offer the ambience of an enchanting European destination and the convenience of a modern downtown hotel. The picturesque courtyard garden is the perfect place to sip cocktails or exchange vows.

How long have you been a tenant at Tree Studios? Since 2011

What's your favorite thing about officing at Tree? Our neighbors! This a such great community of tenants and you couldn’t ask for a better location. You can get more done on an lunch break over here than almost anywhere else in the city.

What inspires you to be creative? Our clients! They have so many fantastic ideas.

What’s your favorite thing about producing events? It’s always changing— there’s something new every day so it’s easy to stay inspired. That and our vendors— it takes a huge team to pull off a big event and we’re lucky to work with the best of the best.